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A boutique software testing firm located in Melbourne, Australia.

We offer High-Quality QA Outsourcing and Remote Worker Services.

About US

We are located in the heart of Melbourne's vibrant CBD. We cater to your complete Software Testing Life Cycle needs.

The Brookside Advantage

What we offer..

Our enthusiastic resources will work alongside your QA Team making sure the software works as expected. They will use their exptertise to find potential errors or bugs, while always providing strong and clear feedback, steps to reproduce the error.

Mobile / Remote Team

We work remotely with your QA team.

Decision Takers

Our resources take decisions within their given role.

Time Management

Appreciate tight timelines and work accordingly.

Cultural fit

We conform to the Do's and Dont's of your company.

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Remote Worker Services

Rates offered below are for long term projects only. Please contact sales for ad-hoc testing rates.

Manual Tester

$ 33 / hour

Remotely performs all aspects of software testing including functional, component, regression testing using manual techniques.

More than 3 years of experience.

Automation Tester

$ 42 / hour

Remotely performs automated software testing including writing and running scripts using leading tools.

More than 3 years of experience.

QA Lead

$ 50 / hour

Detail oriented and organized, able to track multiple aspects of QA deliverables simultaneously, while leading the QA team remotely.

More than 6 years of experience.

Manual Tester

59 $ / year

Automation Tester

79 $ / year

QA Lead

99 $ / year

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